The Morton Players (Guildford High School)


C cubed (main space)

Genre: Theatre
Sub-genre: physical theatre, drama

It’s party time in Thebes! The war is over, the city has a new leader… what could possibly go wrong? Enter Antigone - devoted daughter and passionate extremist – set to spoil her uncle, the new King Creon’s party. Whether you’re a connoisseur of the classics, or clueless to them, this modern adaptation is both outrageously fun and highly accessible. Fusing naturalism with stylish physicality, the performance is a true showcase of the timeless tragedy and quick-witted satire of Sophocles' masterpiece. An ancient play about here and now. Audience participation is encouraged.

Warnings: Audience Participation
Times are shown in twenty-four hour clock (shows starting after midnight are shown on the previous day's date)
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