Misanthrope Theatre (Ukraine)

Ubu the King

C south (main theatre)

Genre: Theatre
Sub-genre: contemporary, international

Delightfully deranged and beautifully berserk, Ukrainian group Misanthrope Theatre re-ignite the flames of rebellion and fervour that saw Alfred Jarry’s play close upon its opening in Paris, 1896. In this modern interpretation of Jarry’s Macbeth parody, performers unmask and leave bare ideas of ambition, power and sexuality. A thrilling synthesis of sound, superbly executed physicality and radical drama abounds. Find yourself caught in the crossfire of violently farcical dialogue as a cast of eight captivating actors transport you to a world of zygotic Dada and gory surrealism!

Warnings: Contains Distressing Themes, Nudity, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Strobe Lighting, Strong Language/Swearing, OtherMature Themes, Flashing Lights, Loud Sounds, Loud Music
Times are shown in twenty-four hour clock (shows starting after midnight are shown on the previous day's date)
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