THSGD Productions (Australia)

Arguing On-Air

C viva (cellar)

Genre: Theatre
Sub-genre: thriller, comedy

Gooooood morning, Edinburgh! Live from Studio B, THSGD Productions presents Arguing On-Air! Talkback radio meets the stage in this three-man show: an intricate and funny rollercoaster through time and sound. Hurtle through musical history alongside a trio of journalists barely holding themselves together. There’ll be shouting and cursing, live talkback and celebrity scandals, interminable ad breaks and just like your favourite station back home: all the hits, all the time. It’s not all fun and fame though: discover just how fragile a working relationship can be and what it takes to get a show back on track.

Warnings: Audience Participation, Scenes of Violence, OtherProlonged Blackout, Loud Sounds, Loud Music, Strong Language
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