Zoology Films (Ireland)

A Fear and Loathing Actor in Dublin

C cubed (main space)

Genre: Theatre
Sub-genre: comedy, drama

Fast-paced, high energy, physical theatre that features Shakespeare monologues re-imagined. Follow struggling actor Vinny and his demons as he tries to balance his acting dreams with the growing demands of real life. He's just discovered he's to be a dad. He’s not quite sure how to take this. Will he follow his passion, or get a real job? An honest examination of what it means to be an artist in the 21st Century, exploring ones existential battle with art and commerce through a sincere and captivating performance.

Warnings: Scenes of Violence, Strong Language/Swearing, OtherMature Themes, Flashing Lights, Loud Music
Times are shown in twenty-four hour clock (shows starting after midnight are shown on the previous day's date)
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