Fear No Colours


C cubed (main space)

Genre: Theatre
Sub-genre: thriller, drama

Edinburgh flatmates Max and Alan are perfectly happy swapping banter and joints after a long day of doing nothing. Then their old friend Tadge arrives, AWOL from the army, and acting very strangely. He says the Penetrators took him to the Black Room, and his tale of what really happened in there is about to become very real for everyone. Anthony Neilson’s 1994 smash-hit play takes a long hard look at urban masculinity and the limits of friendship, bursting to the seams with vitality and humour from a pitch-dark core.

Warnings: Sexual content (masturbation and simulated sex with teddy bears), explicit language, violence, descriptions of rape
Times are shown in twenty-four hour clock (shows starting after midnight are shown on the previous day's date)
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