Hambone : enobmaH

C royale (studio 3)

Genre: Comedy
Sub-genre: interactive, theatre

Studlier than a studmuffin, beefier than a beefcake, Hambone is the pork pie of male perfection. This one-man hurricane tears through the frustration, stupidity and inadequacy of millennial masculinity. A new, interactive character comedy, Hambone cracks open the skull of manhood, to let his psyche out to play in 50 minutes of unpredictable buffoonery. Beautiful words of praise from (mostly) beautiful audiences include: ‘Hilarious!’ ‘Loved awkward tonguing’, ‘Gave me a Hamboner!’, ‘The ending wasn’t as funny as the beginning’.

Warnings: Explicit strong language. Sexual references. Potential partial male nudity.
Times are shown in twenty-four hour clock (shows starting after midnight are shown on the previous day's date)
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